5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use Pancake Welding Hood

Welding Hood

There is no debate about the importance of welding gear when you are at work. But when it comes to bringing more efficiency and safety to the job, it becomes crucial to invest in the best welding hood. And what will be the best welding hood than the pancake welding hood?

If you are not sure whether you should buy a pancake welding hood or not or how it will transform your job, this guide is for you. Here are a few compelling reasons that will help you to select a pancake welding hood:

Offer Better Protection 

When it comes to effective protection, pancake welding hoods offer better protection against UV radiation than traditional ones.

The reason is that it is designed with a wider shade that ranges from around 10 to 14.  This offers better shielding from UV radiation and makes it ideal for outdoor welding work. 

So, if your job requires you to work outdoors often, you will be facing more UV radiation. So, consider using a pancake hood for the job.

Easier To Weld 

There are many times when welders have to manage jobs around tight spaces. This demands the need to use a compact design of welding hood. 

Now, when it comes to checking the size and compatibility of different hoods, the pancake hood is the only best option that you can consider. It will offer you better maneuverability in confined spaces and make it easier to weld with comfort.


Pancake welding hoods are one of the best options for welders because they can be customized according to their needs. You can have options to choose the balsa box and lens according to your specific needs that will fit your face shape properly. 

You can also adjust the shield location according to your working hand. For example, if you are a left-handed welder, you can adjust the shield to your left hand. 

So, when you are purchasing a welding hood for yourself, a pancake hood is always the ideal option to invest in.

Lightweight and Comfortable 

Another feature that a pancake welding hood offers is lightweight and comfortable fitting around the head and face. 

The design of a pancake welding hood is quite comfortable as it is round, flat from the front, and has the right thickness to reduce the weight. This way, you will not get any neck strains while working for long hours. 

In case your job requires you to work for long hours, choosing the pancake welding hood will be the best gear for protection for you.

Keep Eyes Protected

The primary function of a pancake welding hood is to offer the best shield to your eyes. The sparks are highly dangerous for the eyes. If you are wearing the right lens, this can impact your eyesight.

That is why there is a balsa box in the pancake welding hood that offers the right protection to the eyes and face while you are welding. Along with this, it will let the air pass properly to keep it cooler for the welder.