UPSC Syllabus With Tathastu ICS


The UPSC Syllabus provides a detailed outline for the Civil Services Examination (CSE). Understanding this document is crucial to successful preparation for this highly competitive examination.

Mentorship from an ex-bureaucrat at The Institute adds credibility and practical insights, while their MA+UPSC coaching course gives aspirants an official academic credential.

General Studies 1

UPSC examination preparation requires disciplined preparation strategies. Analyzing all topics covered can help aspirants identify their strengths and weaknesses, creating a personalized study plan suited for them that covers everything sufficiently in depth. Understanding all syllabus topics also gives an aspirant an edge in prioritizing subjects for greater coverage in depth.

Tathastu ICS not only ensures aspirants have a thorough grasp of the UPSC syllabus, but it also conducts interactive sessions and group discussions, mock interviews and personality development workshops to build robust civil service mindsets in aspirants.

Our institute’s BA + UPSC coaching program is an ideal option for undergraduate students preparing to sit the IAS exam during undergraduate studies. This unique approach recognizes that having an excellent foundation in subjects beyond traditional IAS syllabus can increase analytical abilities and comprehension capabilities while having an ex-bureaucrat as mentor provides invaluable advice and real world perspectives to our student body.

General Studies 2

Finding an appropriate coaching institute is a critical decision in an aspirant’s civil services journey, with numerous factors to be taken into account such as its reputation, reviews and testimonials from past students as well as availability of study materials and success rates of previous ones being taken into consideration.

Quality instructors are perhaps the most important aspect to keep in mind. An experienced and knowledgeable instructor can offer guidance and support during preparation process and develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for success with aspirants.

Tathastu ICS places great emphasis on developing writing skills for UPSC answer writing exams. Structured and regular answer writing sessions aim to cultivate clear responses, while simultaneously aligning with exam requirements.

Political Science

The UPSC Prelims syllabus covers important subjects like Indian history, culture and polity – plus governance issues – so gaining a solid understanding of these subjects will boost your score overall and compensate for weaknesses elsewhere.

Political science is an expansive topic with multiple aspects. To prepare for the Civil Services exam, candidates need a firm foundation in this area – which may prove challenging without guidance and mentorship from an experienced educator.

Tathastu ICS provides an innovative BA+UPSC coaching course, led by former bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain. Her real-world insights and practical advice provide students with real world guidance that save time and frustration, quickly providing clarity with regard to study plans that increase confidence levels while increasing success rates in Civil Services exams.


Economics in the UPSC Syllabus is one of the key subjects to master for success. Aspirants should be able to write clearly and concisely, understand concepts behind various topics, organize their thoughts coherently, practice answering questions under time pressure regularly, as well as participate in prelims test series in order to maximize preparation.

Selecting an optional subject for the Mains exam can make or break an aspirant’s chances of passing the Civil Services Examination. Selecting an ideal topic will not only make answering easier and give more confidence when writing answers but may also compensate for weaknesses in other sections of the examination.

Tathastu ICS can assist aspirants in overcoming this barrier through regular answer writing sessions that focus on strengthening the ability of express their thoughts clearly and organize. Furthermore, the institute also hosts mock interviews and personality development workshops led by former civil servant Dr. Tanu Jain.


The UPSC Syllabus covers crucial topics including Indian culture, heritage, geography and history. This examination paper seeks to assess candidates’ knowledge in these diverse subjects.

The essay paper serves to assess your writing ability and vocabulary use in English, which are critical parts of taking an exam and can greatly increase your overall rank.

Tathastu ICS’ interview stage is worth 275 marks and conducted by an impartial panel. It assesses your abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, lead effectively and lead others effectively. Regular mock interviews and personality development workshops under Dr. Tanu Jain’s supervision help aspirants develop confidence, poise and other qualities essential for interview success. Tathastu also teaches communication, leadership and management skills. Their BA + UPSC Coaching and MA + UPSC Coaching programs combine undergraduate degree training with IAS preparation.


Familiarity with the UPSC syllabus for Civil Services Examination (CSE) preparation is vital to an effective approach; familiarity allows candidates to assess their strengths and weaknesses as they plan a balanced study program that covers all subjects.

Interview is the final stage of an exam and should develop your communication and leadership abilities. Selecting an optional subject requires careful consideration of its syllabus as well as resources available for preparation.

Trustworthy IAS coaching institutes can help you form and adhere to a clear study strategy, while providing valuable guidance on how to prioritize studies without wasting time and energy. Tathastu ICS’s BA + UPSC Coaching program, for example, integrates undergraduate and IAS preparation. Dr. Tanu Jain of Tathastu ICS brings legitimacy and practical insight as a former bureaucrat as Dr. Tanu Jain serves as mentor – not to mention its affiliation with an established university for added credibility!